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Communication Systems

Introduction to Computer Networks - Structure abd Network Architectures. OSI Reference Model, Network Services and Network Standards. Physical Layer, theoretical basis for data transmission. Means of transmision, Analog and Digital transmission, transmission and switching, ISDN-Intergrated Services Digital Networks, Terminal handling. Medium Access Sublayer, LAN and MAN, ALOHA protocols, LAN protocols, IEEE 802 for LAN, networks based on fiber optics, Satellite Networks, Datalink Layer, Error Detection and Correction. Outlines and Protocol Verification. Network layer, Routing Algorithms, Congestion Control Algorithms, Internetworking,Transport Layer, Connection management, Session Layer, Reomote Producer Call (RPC), Presentation Layer, Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (ANSI.1), Data Compression, cryptography. Application Layer, new technologies (N-ISDN, B-ISDN, ATM, SONET).




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